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Group Fitness classes are an excellent way to get fit in an environment where you can build friendships and encourage others with similar fitness goals. Instructors are knowledgeable and certified to provide you with a great workout and assist you in reaching your goals.

Group Fitness classes will include the following: Barre, Dance Cardio/Zumba, Belt and Below, Stretch & Roll (coming soon), 50+Fit & Fabulous, and Burn30. Instructors are certified and knowledgeable.

Barre is a low impact class that combines Pilates, Yoga and Strength training while using a ballet bar. Participants will work on flexibility, posture, and strength using small movements to lengthen the muscles and burn calories. Barre works the entire body.

Dance Cardio/Zumba is a fast paced dance class choreographed to Latin and contemporary songs. It is a fun way to make you sweat and burn some calories.

Belt & Below is a class that uses supersets to focus on the most common problem areas for women: glutes, thighs, and core. Belt & Below will strengthen the core as well as tone, shape and add firmness to the lower body, while providing a great calorie burn.

Stretch & Roll (coming soon) is designed to guide participants through proper stretches for all major muscles, as well as teaching the technique of rolling to aid in muscle recovery.

50+Fit & Fabulous is a low impact class designed for women that want to improve strength as well as their energy and fitness levels.

Burn30 is a 30 minute class that utilizes only the step, dumbbells, and bands in a high energy format. This includes lots of movement on and off of the step, set for each participant’s level.



We offer full 45 minute bootcamps that are high intensity, fast paced workouts that mix bodyweight exercises with interval and strength training. These bootcamps work all the major muscle groups each class and use a variety of equipment such as dumbbells, medicine balls, ropes, etc. Instructors will challenge you to push yourself to new limits and keep your body guessing with each class.

Our Mini Camps are 30 minute fast paced classes, designed for those wanting to get in and out. These classes will work a different major muscle group each day while incorporating cardio and core work throughout the week as well.



These sessions max at 8 people. Functional training prepares the body to perform movements that are used in daily movements such as squatting, pulling, lifting, and reaching. These trainings help you stay strong and have the ability to continue doing everyday tasks without assistance later in life. Training your muscles to work together for lifelong fitness is the goal of these sessions. 


Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals